About Me

 Hello, my name is Jeanne and I am a healer.

I choose to be a healer—a lightworker—because living a spiritual life is my number one priority and following Divine guidance has led me to offer my gifts, knowledge, and healing practice in the service of others. I want to support my fellow brother and sister in their healing journey so that they can feel more peace, love, and freedom.

 I came here to be free and in order to feel that freedom I’ve had to heal everything that ever caused me to feel afraid, hurt, separate, and any other experience that taught me I wasn’t good enough or that I am not deserving. The tools I use to claim my freedom are the same skills I call on to help others gain theirs.

I believe we all came here to be free and I’m guided to help people heal their past and transform their present and future so they experience more life freedom.

 I’m a Certified Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, psychic healer, and an ordained minister. I’ve received various training in energy healing and channeling work, but many of my abilities are natural; I’ve had psychic experiences since I was four years old. I live my life listening to intuition, heeding guidance from ascended masters, Light bodies, spirit animals, and working with the spirits of plant medicine. Most of all, I lead my life following my heart.

 If you’d like to work with me, but are unsure if I can help, email me your questions and concerns and I’ll respond within 48 hours.

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I am NOT a medical doctor, licensed psychologist, or psychotherapist. I make no claims to diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure any disease, physical or mental. I offer my services as a self-help educator and ordained minister. Persons with psychological or physical illness that require a medical doctor, psychologist, or psychotherapist should contact licensed practitioners.

EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, crystal healing, and other energy healing services I provide are not a substitute for professional health care. The Freedom Matrix session is NOT counseling or therapy. Information provided in this website is for general education and not intended to replace qualified medical or psychological advice.

If you consent to do a Freedom Matrix  session you must agree to hold Jeanne Floresca and anyone affiliated with The Freedom Matrix from any claims, liability, or loss incurred directly or indirectly by you as a result of the use, participation, or application of any techniques or methods used in a session.