What is Crystal Healing and Psychic Healing?

How do crystals work?

Crystals, like all matter, are made of energy and emit a frequency. Crystals in particular, because of their fixed repeating molecular pattern emit a high frequency. When you are in the presence of crystals, your frequency is affected — it becomes entrained to that of the crystal. In physics, this is called the principle of entrainment.

Your lower frequency moves into resonance with the crystals higher frequency bringing your body into better health and longevity.

A crystal has a constant resonant frequency whereas a human being has varying frequencies. Everything in our body, from cells, organs, and even our thoughts emit a different frequency.

I like to use the metaphor of a symphony orchestra. Have in your mind that your cells, organs, nervous system, thoughts, etc. are separate instruments that make up your orchestra. Just as each instrument has its own unique sound, each cell has its own distinct frequency.

When we are healthy and balanced all these frequencies are in harmony. What happens if one of our instruments is out of tune? Then our symphony will sound off — we’ll be in disharmony.

Humans, because of our complex lives fall easily into this “out of tune” dilemma. Our instruments (cells, organs, thoughts, etc.) can be affected by things such as stress, food, activity, lack of sleep, pollution, and EMF’s (electromagnet fields) to name a few.

What do you think happens when we’re in disharmony? You guessed it. We get sick.

Crystals, because of their perfect geometric makeup and inherent complexity have a harder time falling out of tune. Therefore, the crystals stable high frequency can influence our varying lower frequency. In this way, crystals are the ideal holistic healing tool that can help our orchestra stay in “opening-night” playing order! (Tantadada!)

What is Psychic Healing?

Psychic healing is a form of energy therapy using intuition and extrasensory observations to guide the healing process. I may also use the tarot, oracle, or angel cards at the client’s request.

My psychic abilities manifest naturally and they offer insight into what is happening. As I work with someone and they’re telling me their story, I receive messages and see images that are related and helpful to the client.

The information I learn is what I use to guide the healing process and the people I work with value this extra connection because it validates their feelings and helps them in their healing journey.

Most of the psychic healing session is channeled. The information I reveal are things that are told, shown, or given to me in some way.


What are the Benefits of Psychic Healing?

  • Learn useful and relevant information to promote healing
  • Helps to find and release energy blocks (that come from past memories, past lives, or other psychic “whammies”)
  • Clears energy imbalances that may be causing physical, emotional, and spiritual distress
  • Harmonizes and improves your vibrational frequency so you can be healthier and happier

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