What is EFT and Matrix Reimprinting?

EFT (emotional freedom techniques) is a fast and gentle way of discharging emotional distress, traumatic memories, and negative thoughts. EFT also works on many physical problems that have an emotional cause.

EFT uses finger tapping on traditional Chinese Acupuncture points while focusing on a specific  problem. The tapping sends a pulse of piezoelectric charge through those same energy meridians. (Tapping Matrix Academy)

Matrix Reimprinting is Advanced Level EFT

  • EFT decreases the negative charge of a past memory, trauma, thought belief, or intense emotion so you can feel better, have more mental clarity, and emotional freedom.
  • Matrix Reimprinting changes the past memory, trauma, or limiting core belief into a new and positive one so that you get closure, heal the memory or situation, and become empowered to live and attract a better quality of life.

[EFT and Matrix Reimprinting] is a form of energy psychology where you imagine working with your younger self who experienced trauma to release shock and any negative emotions, beliefs, and recreating a more positive and empowered picture. EFT and Matrix Reimprinting can be used in any traumatic experience to help you to move forward in life and release trauma. The Matrix Birth Reimprinting focus on healing the time we are in utero and birth and very early childhood.” – Sharon King author of Heal Your Birth, Heal Your Life

For example, if as a young person you were called “stupid” repeatedly and from those experiences you came to believe that “I’m not capable.”, “I am flawed.”, or “I can’t do it.” your behavior—how you saw, understood, and interacted with the world growing up—would be seriously affected. Matrix Reimprinting can change that narrative.

Another example would be if as a baby you were taken away from your mother—for whatever reason—and you (as the baby) found that traumatizing, you may have internalized the situation as “I am alone,” “The world is a dangerous place.”, or “I am abandoned.” If you continue to believe these thoughts as an adult, your quality of life and outlook on love will suffer. Matrix Reimprinting can fix those negative beliefs and get you thinking that you are safe, supported, and loved.

It’s possible to heal your past so the limiting belief you learned is no longer true for your present and future.

Matrix Reimprinting also helps to create new beliefs that shift your attitude—making you mentally and emotionally stronger—so that you can live your life on your own terms.

It’s important to note  Matrix Reimprinting doesn’t make you forget or negate the past experience or lose the lessons learned. The “reimprinting” process seeks to change the negative beliefs and limiting filters—how you see the world—which is embedded in the memory and has caused you to live less than the life you deserve.

Who would benefit from EFT & Matrix Reimprinting?

  • If you have traumatic memories that stop you from living your best life
  • If you have limiting beliefs that hold you back from doing what you want in life
  • If you have negative thoughts that always ruin your peace of mind
  • If you have repeating patterns that sabotage your success
  • If you suffer from physical problems due to emotional distress

Then EFT & Matrix Reimprinting (in a remarkably short amount of time) can help you move past these emotional and physical issues so you can live a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life.

Listen to an interview I gave about Matrix Reimprinting with Erika Matos of The Feel Good Shift

Get Real Life Solutions with EFT & Matrix Reimprinting

Just some of the situations where I was able to help others using EFT & Matrix Reimprinting:

  • abandonment
  • abundance blocks
  • anger
  • anxiety
  • binge eating
  • breakup
  • bullying
  • confidence
  • financial fears
  • passing of a loved one
  • procrastination
  • public speaking
  • self-image
  • self-love / self-worth
  • self-sabotage
  • sexual trauma
  • relationship (commitment, communication, trust issues)
  • weight-loss
  • writers block

How does EFT & Matrix Reimprinting work?

“Essentially we’re communicating directly with the amygdala, the part of the brain that decides when something is a threat and when to mobilize fight or flight.

Tapping sends a message to the amygdala that all is well, it’s safe to relax.  This has the effect of disengaging whatever we’re tapping on from the body’s stress response.  This can have immediate results, emotionally and even physically.” – Rob Nelson, MS, Certified EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, and Director of the Tapping Matrix Academy

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