When you heal yourself, you help heal the world…

“Thank you so much for today, it was a fresh change from traditional counseling. It felt way less demanding and more effective! It was truly healing, rather than reliving the memory like regular counseling. Talking to myself felt comfortable. Being in and out of counseling for 11 years and not making a single step, versus one session and making one big step felt inspiring and hopeful. I can’t wait until the next session!” — Piper Martin


Jeanne was absolutely amazing! She has a great energy and was an incredible practitioner. Thank you so much!” – Halaya LeMaire


Thank you again for an awesome session. After our call I found myself definitely feeling lighter. I also feel more resolve and optimism then I’ve felt in a long time. Thank you!” – Olivia Merchant


“Thank you so much again for that amazing, incredible, crazy-cool Matrix!!! Thank you for helping me have such a kick-ass crazy courage honest breakthrough!!!” – Tamara Flores


“Absolutely loved working with you! I would recommend to all! A delight to get the chance to work with!” – Megan Salisbury


Jeanne listened intently, held space for the answers I sought. I felt comfortable with her, and opened up with my questions. Her kindness is genuine, and I’m glad I have some more personal clarity on what actions I should take next.” – Angela Trinh


“My experience with Jeanne was definitely an eye opening one. She unraveled emotions inside of me that I was not aware of. After our session I felt like a huge weight was lifted off of me and that my attitude had changed to a positive one. The next day I woke up and I actually could say that I felt happy. I recommend Jeanne if your looking to improve yourself physically,mentally,emotionally, and or spiritually,she is a great guide to have.” – Vanessa Landin


Thank you Jeanne! I was blown away by this service! Awesome!! I really appreciate this and it makes perfect sense!” – Colleen McKinney Ballesteros who had a Dream Analysis with Tarot a Back-in-Time Reading


“Excellent EFT session! Jeanne in 30 minutes effectively helped me pinpoint where energetically I was feeling blocked. Very skillful and instructive. Thank you Jeanne. I can’t wait to explore and see what comes up.” – Penpa Dolma


“Jeanne so much fun to work with! She is understanding and joyful. She feels like a rainbow.😃 Thank you for holding space for me 😊” – Priyam Datta


“She provided very detailed card reading. Friendly, great service, would return next time:)” – Tuan Le


Jeanne is a very good teacher. She makes it (EFT) relate to you and what you are working on. I learned a lot and connected what she was saying to other parts in my life.” – Elliot Killian


“In seeking to become a better parent and a better me I let Jeanne help me create a space for healing in my home.  She sent me some pre-consultation paperwork, that I answered via email.  She arrived a few minutes before our scheduled time, and had a very relaxed and calming energy about her.


She was very informative, as I have never done a crystal healing session before.  I felt very comfortable telling her what I felt needed to be healed.  She asked for permission to do a different type of healing — Matrix Reimprinting, which was more adept at handling such an acute situation.  I agreed, and trusted her guidance. It was quite a positively emotional experience, in the manner of relief.  The process also brought up older wounds that I was unaware of, but brought the healing full circle.


In that moment, I clearly understood what situations had led me to these experiences, and that I was ready to let go of any power that they unconsciously held over me. She ushered me into a crystal healing meditation afterward, to balance my chakras, and calm my nerves.  She has a wonderful collection of healing crystals in her medicine bag. I am able to speak of my traumatic experiences in a very different light.


The trauma of 18 years ago, has been difficult to talk about, and intrusive thoughts and fears kept bubbling up unexpectedly.  This healing experience has let me be able to speak of the experience in a way that’s enlightening, empowering and has closure.” – Angela Trinh (As seen on yelp.com)


“Recently, I’ve turned to Jeanne to be my life coach. She has been an invaluable addition to my life.  Jeanne is helping me to awaken to my inner needs and to be more aware of myself. Through weekly e-mails, EFT techniques, and crystal healing, she is helping me to heal myself.  I am slowly gaining awareness of my inner energy and changing and shifting my life to better serve my soul.


Jeanne is a wonderful soul who genuinely cares about her clients.  Her energy is just electric and dynamic.  I so look forward to her wisdom and insight every week as I learn to listen and let go.  I am very thankful and grateful to find Jeanne!!” – Tracie Ferguson (As seen on yelp.com)


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  • What is a Freedom Matrix Session like?
    What is a Freedom Matrix Session like?
  • What is EFT and Matrix Reimprinting?
    What is EFT and Matrix Reimprinting?
  • What is Crystal Healing and Psychic Healing?
    What is Crystal Healing and Psychic Healing?
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    Watch and listen to case study videos...
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    Read what people have to say...


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