Plant Medicine, the Unknown, and Facing What Scares Us

Use plant medicine to go deeper into the unknown and confront, heal, and free yourself of your fears, illusions, and pain.

The unknown comprises what is hidden from us and generally, we view what is unknown to be disconcerting. To the detriment of our ego, the unknown is everywhere. Our past holds many unknown situations, as does our present; the future, being totally unknown to everyone, seems to be the scariest of all.

How does one feel comfortable with facing the things that are unknown and scary to them?

To begin, we must fix our eyes to see beyond darkness, fear, and pain.

As truth would have it, things are less dark and scary when the light is turned on and the light that brightens our way — so that we are not so fearful and suffer less — comes from within.

It is the light within that illuminates our path, making what is unknown in the past, present, and future less frightening. To enhance our light and clear our vision, we must surrender to and heal what separates us from knowing our light and thus seeing with enlightened clarity; even the smallest step toward these things will prepare us to venture into the unknown.

Plant medicine is a term to describe plants that have healing properties that aid in making us whole in mind, body, and spirit. Many plants can be placed within this category, but there are a select few that are known to bring us to the unknown. Some of these special plants are the vines that make Ayahuasca, the iboga shrub, psychedelic mushrooms, peyote, and the San Pedro cactus. The psychoactive properties of these plants make it possible for us to traverse the unknown and depending on one’s intention, it can open many doors such as providing the ability to confront, heal, and free ourselves from our fears, illusions, and pain.

For the intention to use plant medicine to go deeper into the unknown — so that we may heal ourselves — we must be prepared to confront our shadow.

Our shadow is made of our fears, illusions, and pain; it is our shadow that causes our suffering. Suffering is a catalyst for our growth; it can lead us to change, strengthen our resolve, and add meaning to our lives. With that said, life doesn’t have to be about suffering. We can choose to grow through other experiences.

When we are ready to face our shadow and move through suffering, plant medicine, such as those mentioned above, can aid in our effort. Psychedelic plant medicines act as a bridge to the unknown, they can take us to the memories and experiences that fostered our fears, illusions, and pain. In bringing us to those events that created our shadow, we are given the opportunity to resolve them.

How our fears, illusions, and pain are resolved through plant medicine is uncertain; every healing experience is different. However, if one’s intention is to receive a healing through plant medicine, then it would seem that the innate wisdom of the plant knows the best way for each person; “best” being a relative term because many times, the way is quite shocking and painful. Each plant has its own method, some being more gentle than others, but no matter the plant, the healing goal is the same: for us to see our issues in a different way.

In my first ceremony with Ayahuasca some years ago, I went in with the intention to receive a healing. Naive to Mama Aya’s teaching methods, and a bit cocky I might add with my ability to surrender and weather what the medicine had for me, she came in heavy with a right hook that brought on the most gut-wrenching pain I’ve ever experienced; it lasted for hours. Wailing, I didn’t surrender — I succumbed by knock out. She said, “You asked for this,” and so I took the beat down.

Ayahuasca took me to the unknown and showed me who I was not and then revealed who I was. She made me feel the full extent of my illusions — the attachments I had to my ego, body, and experiences — which caused me so much pain. We stayed in this black hole of doubt, fear, and self-deception for what felt like forever, but like a good mother, she stayed through the night, holding my hand while I suffered. After I was all cried out, she laughed at me. Then, she preceded to unveil my eyes to my true nature and long story short — I came away from ceremony altered. (Read more about this experience.)

The psychoactive plants by their chemical make up may heal us in some way, but the real point is that the plant gives us the chance to heal ourselves.

It is by our effort — our ability to surrender to the medicine and experience — that will lead us to the healing we seek. Also, the more conducive the set and setting is to our intention of healing, the more that it will be so. The set and setting is our frame of mind, the intention we have, our guide during the process, the dosage we take, and our surroundings.

Plant medicine can take us away from what we know — our present reality, conditioning, and ego as we perceive it — and bring us into the unknown. The unknown is foreboding, but with eyes honed to see past darkness and the light within to guide our way, we can navigate and explore what is hidden from us and heal ourselves as we are meant to do.

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This article does not promote or recommend the use of illegal drugs. Many of the substances referenced above are illegal in many countries including the United States. This article does not constitute medical advice. As always, please consult your doctor before taking any medicine.