Spiritual Contracts and My Agreement with Ayahuasca

Spiritual contracts are agreements we made before reincarnating into this life; these commitments are with ourselves and others. Consider these contracts as promises that we agreed to fulfill for the purpose of our growth as human and Divine beings. Knowing our spiritual contracts helps us understand our place in the world. They are guiding lights on our spiritual path and the pursuit of them helps us create a meaningful life.

Our soul knows of our spiritual contracts, but the ego is born unaware; thus, we must rediscover our obligations. Through a synchronistic combination of choice, desire, destiny, and remembrance, we bring to light our promises. We also have several spiritual contracts and I liken the totality of them to be a life syllabus of lessons for our evolution.

There are different ways to determine our spiritual contracts; the most obvious are the things that we are passionate about. Our deepest desires are clues to some of our solemn promises. Desires such as needing to create and contribute can tell you about your specific commitments. For example, I am compelled to share my spiritual journey with others, this desire comes from my commitment to spread the word of God — a promise that I made coming into this reincarnation.

There are no limits to our spiritual contracts; they can be about love, loss, joy, pain, solitude, service, and so on. The more important the life issue for you, the more likely it is part of a promise you made.

Some of the ways you can learn your spiritual contracts are through meditation, spiritual revelation, shamanic journeying, working with plant medicine, and having a near death experience. No matter the approach, I advise that no one outside of you, like the healer you’re working with, should tell you what your promises are. The revelation of your commitments should come from within. It is more compelling this way, and it goes to creating the belief system that supports your ability to accomplish it. Having others tell you what you “should be doing” rarely works out. It’s best when you decide to remember and choose to keep your promise on your own volition.

I learned of my spiritual contract with Ayahuasca about five years ago.

I was drawn to watch the movie, Ayahuasca: Vine of the Soul. I didn’t know much about Ayahuasca then, and I had yet to participate in a ceremony, but as I was watching, I heard the spirit of Ayahuasca speak to me. She spoke of her movements, that she must leave the Amazon and come to the United States and Canada; she claimed to be doing this to “build her army.” She said she needed to recruit people to protect her — the Amazon and nature. Then, she told me I am to help inspire others to join her army.

Since that day, I’ve had a relationship with the spirit of Ayahuasca. I connect with her spirit often, especially in nature. She nurtured my love for our planet, instructing me many times to lay my hands in the dirt to listen and feel her. She became my symbol for Mother Nature.

Ayahuasca visits me in my dreams, visions, and meditations. In one memorable vision, I saw how I anchored a large rock that was tethered to my waist — a symbol of my connection and promise to this existence — deep into the earth as a grounding ritual. Sometime later, when I participated in ceremony, she showed me this rock and it became a lifeline during a challenging part of my healing and spiritual experience.

In keeping with my promise, I respectfully speak of Ayahuasca to others, honestly affirming that although her healing and teaching methods can be jarring, one cannot help but feel the motherly love she has for the children of Earth. I also wrote a book about my experiences with her, along with my work with psychedelic mushrooms. In the book, I describe the other gifts and revelations that plant medicine has offered me which of course lead to the learning of more spiritual contracts. (Click here to learn about this book.)

Once you learn your spiritual contracts, you will know your place in the world — why you’re here — and henceforth, you will never be the same. Recalling your spiritual commitments grounds you, connects you to your faith, and gives you a compelling reason to exist.

When we are aware of our spiritual agreements, they can become our life goals. Then, our promises — that become our beliefs — help steer our thoughts and actions so that our life choices support our spiritual journey.

Ayahuasca has been a guiding star, teacher, and mother symbol; it is through my experiences with her that I truly saw myself — beyond the trappings of ego — and uncovered why I’m here. Also, I would be remised if I didn’t mention that it was by the will of Jesus Christ (a revelation that I learned much later) that lead me to work with her and everything else that I’ve experienced, including writing the book.

Although we can be cognizant of our spiritual contracts, it doesn’t mean we’ll be perfect in following or achieving them. We only have to think about our failed commitments of the past to understand how challenging it is to keep a promise. With that said, our spiritual obligations are powerful and preordained, and so I believe we always fulfill them in the way we’re supposed to.

No matter how we go about learning and pursuing our spiritual contracts, it all adds to the meaning of our lives. Simply, before we were born, we gave ourselves an itinerary: we wanted to experience some memorable moments, we wanted to connect with certain people, and we wanted to learn lessons that would help us evolve. Most of all, we wanted to come here — we planned it — and perhaps remembering this spiritual promise, where we said yes to this human life, we can be encouraged to follow through on why we came here.

With love,


If you enjoyed this article, you may want to read the book I wrote called, Unification: Bridging Your Ego and Divine Self Consciousness. In it, I describe a way of life shown to me by the Light bodies — angelic beings whom I encountered during meditation with plant medicine. For over a year, I worked with the Light bodies through channeling, meditation, and plant medicine, to give rise to the spiritual path called Unification.


This article does not promote or recommend the use of illegal drugs. Ayahuasca and psychedelic mushrooms are illegal in many countries including the United States. This article does not constitute medical advice. As always, please consult your doctor before taking any medicine.

First published on Samadhi.today for Medium